Meet Agent Joe

I'm Joe Patterson, Pacific Northwest native and real estate agent to the greater Seattle area. I'm an open book when it comes to my childhood: I moved a lot.

Now, as a real estate agent, I find myself relating to each and every one of my clients. I remember exactly what it was like to be thrust into a strange new environment with a completely different climate and culture, and how isolating that can feel. I want to use the power I have as a real estate agent, the power to help people find their perfect place, as a guiding light to make these transitions easier, just as certain amazing individuals did for me in my own childhood.


Liz and Tom were wonderful clients of mine who reached out towards the end of summer. Their current house was too far away from their respective workplaces but they just hadn't fallen in love with anything currently on the market. They also wanted to ensure their move wouldn't disrupt their son's school schedule but, without an agent, they couldn't decide how to handle the situation. Do they move then sell? Do they sell then move? Should they find something temporary while the selling process plays out? And where does buying a brand new place fit into all this?

So, we sat down and together decided that they needed to find their dream home first; only after would we move everything, get their house turned around, and put it up for sale. This personalized action plan was exactly what Liz and Tom needed to embark on their next big adventure. Through honest and open dialogue, we were able to move beyond the uncertainty holding their progress hostage.

The most rewarding thing about working with Liz and Tom, I found, was the sheer amount of unconditional trust we built between us. They absolutely believed I had their best interests at heart and I trusted they were going to be honest with me so I could develop the best strategy for their unique situation. The biggest compliment I received was when Liz and Tom told me that they would have never actually moved if it hadn't been for the guidance and assurance I was able to give them along the way.


We also had a ton of fun working with each other. Buying or selling a house is a huge undertaking but it doesn't have to be stressful. Think about it: how many times are you going buy a house? Or sell one? Like most milestones, it's worth enjoying. It really can be fun. You're looking at houses, you're making jokes, you're getting excited about where to put furniture and how to decorate and if you finally have enough space for a dog. As intimidating as change can be, I'm here to remind my clients of all the positive possibilities just behind that unfamiliar front door.

I want all my clients to have the same experience as Liz and Tom. I want them to enter their new homes with confidence, secure in the decisions we made together. Real estate, to me, isn't just a paycheck: it's an opportunity to be a good shepherd to those trying to navigate an entirely new phase of their lives. The insight I have into the real estate world is best used when guiding my clients towards a well-informed choice.

If you're looking to buy or sell your home and don't know where to start, send me a message. Let's figure out what's best for you.

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